Yoga with Dorotheé on Wednesdays - in the morning or after work

Wednesday is Dorotheé-day!

In addition to her yin-yoga course, Dorothee will this season offer 2 courses in yin-yang yoga! One in the morning and one in the evening:

0800: Yin-yang yoga, 6 weeks from 6th Sept

1645: Yin yoga, 6 weeks from 30th Aug

1815: Yin-yang yoga, 6 weeks from 30th Aug

Allow your out-of-bed body to snuggle and be softly lulled before being infused with energy in the 8AM class, or enjoy the dynamism of Vinyasa and/or the restorative qualities of yin-yoga after working hours.

Dorothee teaches in English, but speaks also Norwegian. So no need to let lacking experience in English stop you from enjoying her classes.

Read more about Yin and Yin-Yang Yoga here.

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